I am a mum, dad or carer

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We recognise that parents need time to be able to care for themselves so they can keep doing the great job they do of looking after their children. So, we offer a range of group activities that give you opportunities to nurture yourself, develop new skills as a parent and to get to know other parents.

We can also offer supports on a one-to-one basis if you find that groups aren’t your kind of thing. We also know parents can be managing all sorts of challenges that can feel overwhelming and get in the way of enjoying family life. We can offer you safe, confidential opportunities to talk through worries and get some headspace back in your life.

Examples of services that we offer include:

programmes and workshops

A range of programmes and workshops delivered by Sure Start staff or in conjunction with other organisations on topics such as first aid, e-safety, healthy eating and cooking skills and supporting our emotional wellbeing

Crafty mums and Sporty dads

Crafty mums and Sporty dads events to give parents time to themselves and the chance for enjoyable, social activities.

Parenting Programmes

Parenting Programmes to give parents new ideas and skills to support positive relationships, understanding communication and encourage good behaviour with children. Some of these events are supported by Crèche for the children.

One to one support from trained staff

One to one support from trained staff for any parent facing difficult challenges and who would like reassurance and emotional support.

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