I am Expecting a Baby

how we can help..

Our Perinatal Parenting Worker and Midwife offer services to mums and dads to help prepare for the birth of the baby and to get ready to enjoy building a close loving relationship after baby comes along. These services are provided in small groups or can be delivered individually in your own home.

When pregnancy or child birth has not gone to plan, breastfeeding is getting tough or someone is worried about their mood after a baby has come along, we can offer extra help.

Examples of services that we offer include:


To learn simple self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques for a better birth

Getting Ready Group

Getting Ready Group with information and support to get ready for labour, childbirth and the weeks afterwards.

Individual breastfeeding

Individual breastfeeding support in the first 6 weeks after baby arrives.

One to one

One to one chats with our Perinatal Parenting Worker or Midwife during pregnancy to discuss getting ready for baby arriving and options on feeding your baby.

Individual support

Individual support from our Midwife on advice on any issue of pregnancy; if you are thinking of trying for a baby, have experienced losses in pregnancy, or have a pregnancy or birth worry that you want to check out with someone.

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