I Have a toddler 2-4 years old

how we can help...

This can be a busy time as toddlers start to gain the skills they need to get ready for pre-school and primary school. Our services focus on play to encourage children to develop their creativity, problem solving skills, communication skills and sense of adventure.

This can be through coming to the Sure Start Developmental Programme of 2-3 year olds or the other play based activities. Our support to parents at this stage can build up strategies and ideas to help with sleep routines, toilet training, fussy eaters or temper tantrums.

Examples of services that we offer include:

Play based programmes

Play based programmes such as Creative Kids and Physical Play to give encourage children’s natural curiosity, coordination and social skills through access to structured play using imaginative, quality resources.

Dads’ Activities And Support

Our Families and Fathers’ Worker supports dads in the important role they play in children’s lives. There are Dads’ monthly activities and Balancability aimed at dads to give chances for play, fun and time together.

One to one chats

One to one chats with our Health Visitor or our Family Support staff on any issues for parents, such as weaning, sleeping, encouraging good behaviour, preparing for another baby, or worries about development.

Speech, Language and Communication support

Our Speech and Language Therapist delivers groups that combine play, singing, games and activities to engage toddlers to support their speech and communication development. There’s one to one support for any concern about children’s speech and communication development to get them ready for nursery and school.

Occupational Therapist support

With our OT through play based group activities or one to one sessions to help children gain the skills needed to manage the activities of daily life. This could be about improving balance and movement with their bodies, exploring and managing different sensations and learning to use their hands to get ready for moving onto nursery and being more independent.

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