I have a baby 0-2 years old

How we can help...

Our focus at this stage is to help mums and dads have the confidence and skills to enjoy their role as a parent. As new babies pass through this age range, the changes in their development are amazing.

We offer a wide variety of groups and home based services to equip parents to support their child’s health, social development and independence skills.

Examples of services that we offer include:

Baby Café

Baby Café (including Breastfeeding Support Group) and Toddler Café. These weekly activities give parents and their little ones a chance to socialise with others, enjoy our great play resources and get information on common issues for families with young children.

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes build gradually on the nurturing and calming use of touch and movement. These classes build parents’ skills on how to connect with babies though touch to support a close, calming and responsive bond.

Baby Swim classes

Baby Swim classes in Banbridge Leisure Centre under the reassuring guidance of our trained staff who join parents and babies in the water and at the pool side to make this a fun time together.

One to one chats

One to one chats with our Health Visitor or our Family Support staff on any issues for parents, such as weaning, sleeping, encouraging good behaviour, preparing for another baby, or worries about development.

Health Visiting

Star Babies Health Visiting service for first time parents. In addition, our health visitor is able to give advice on any aspect of feeding, weaning, growth or any queries or worries about your child’s health or development.

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